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SparkPro website, an Israeli social-business organization on international scale, working to create social educational networks between groups of young people all over the world

Programs Consulting

Programs Consulting


Initiation, Management and Leading Social Programs in Organizations

Want to start a venture in social engagement?

Looking for a professional to manage your social project according to your world view?

Interested in maximizing the products of your social entrepreneurship?

SparkPro has the program for you.




SparkPro, one of the leading organizations in Israel in initiation, planning, development and guidance to social-educational projects in Israel and worldwide, offers associations and funds in Israel and overseas the services of Programs Consulting – initiation, management and operation of social projects, customized to the organization’s goals.



Areas of Activity

Programs Consulting program expresses SparkPro‘s vast experience in creating projects in social engagement and social entrepreneurship for ages 16-45. You can order a comprehensive activity plan or choose a modular activity plan with designated tasks, including:

  • Consultancy and evaluation regarding the feasibility of the project and its outcomes
  • Set objectives, goals and budget for activities
  • Setting organizational structure and processes for the project
  • Formulating organizational infrastructure and work plans
  • Pooling of resources and attaining budgets to fund the project
  • Recruitment of partners for the project
  • Management of the educational-social content of the project according to the organization’s agenda
  • Management of training teams, community officials, scholars and more
  • Consultancy in operating local and national volunteering structures



Among our customers



Youth centers in the north, founded by the Joint

Consultancy, guidance and management of strategic-systematic plan that provide comprehensive and regulated solutions for the needs of young people aged 18-34. The activity of the youth centers focuses on guiding its target group regarding school, employment, career, education, culture and leisure, in a way that contributes to strengthen, consolidate and integrate them into the Israeli society optimally.



British Council

Active Citizens program runs throughout a year and a half, during which the participants – young people from all over the world, go through a process of training and guidance to become group leaders in the community and to create social change.



Raveh Ravid Fund

Nurturing ambitions for academic excellence and leadership skills among students, aid in creating new generation of educated leaders who have values and social awareness, through a program that provide students tuition funding assistance, personal academic mentoring and comfortable and supportive learning environment.



The holistic view of SparkPro, the completed financial transparency in which it operates, and being a long-term full and true partner, will enable you to realize your educational-social agenda and enjoy measurable and more effective outcomes.

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