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SparkPro website, an Israeli social-business organization on international scale, working to create social educational networks between groups of young people all over the world

Active Citizens

Active Citizens

Leadership Program


Active Citizens – a project to promote a multi-cultural dialog and to create a community of global citizens. This project began its operation as part of the British Counsel’s international program for creating social change among different communities in 42 countries around the world and it is operated independently in Israel, under the leadership of SparkPro.


Active Citizens – Goals

Active CitizensThe international project of the British Counsel was designed to promote multi-cultural dialog and to build a community of “global citizens”. According to the project’s vision, everyone can realize their ability and create change in the community in which they live and in other communities in distant countries, through personal responsibility and cooperation with others. Therefore, the British Counsel developed, via renowned experts, a unique methodology that was applied among senior group facilitators around the world, who were chosen specifically for this task. SparkPro organization was chosen by the British Counsel to lead this project in Israel, thanks to its extensive and proven experience in creating international social connections and in developing leadership and leaders in the community.  

Program Structure

During Active Citizens program operating in Israel for 3 years, the participants go through a training and guidance process for leading groups in the community and creating social change. The program is a year and a half long and includes:

  • Training days in Israel
  • Leading groups in the community based on the British Counsel model
  • Aid in constructing local or international community projects in social change
  • Exchange program for selected participants overseas
  • Contact with communities worldwide

Program Outcomes

Spark’s Active Citizens provides the participants personal communication skills, variety of advanced tools to create inter-cultural dialog and capabilities of construction and management of social initiatives in the community. In addition, the program enables the participants and the community they represent, to be a part of a network of community from all over the world. These communities operate in mutual cooperation and share knowledge and experience in the area of social engagement, in international meetings and virtual means.

Do you have the Spark?

Spark’s Active Citizens is a program designed for individuals and organizations that meet the following criteria:


People with initiative and without age limit, whom the passion for promoting social issues and social justice burning in the midst.

Associations and Organizations in Israel

Associations and organizations that are interested in setting up groups to promote social projects or associations and organizations in which such groups operate, and need a guiding hand and active management.

International Associations and Organizations

International organizations that are interested to operate a social enterprise in each country they operate in.


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