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SparkPro website, an Israeli social-business organization on international scale, working to create social educational networks between groups of young people all over the world

Spark of Change

Spark of Change


Initiation, Organization and Management of International Symposiums and Conferences

Spark Production, the conference division of SparkPro, offers you a true alternative for symposiums and conferences at a different approach, integrating professional and academic contents with actual field experience.



Spark of Change – Goals

Almost everyone had participated in a conference or a symposium before, events that are characterized with dignified environment and plenty fascinating professional lectures. However, these conferences do not encourage exiting the ivory tower to the external world and do not create opportunities for personal acquaintance between participants. The conferences produced by Spark of Change offer you a unique perception that connects the academic professional knowledge of the conference with the field practice, and that guarantees the participants to have an extraordinary and effective learning and professional experience.



Principles of Activity

Spark of Change conferences and symposiums express the extensive experience and knowledge of SparkPro organization in initiation and development of international social-educational projects. The conferences are engaged with a pre-defined topic and designed for an audience with common denominator. The conference program integrates academic professional contents at the highest level and a practical dimension, including tours and unmediated encounters with representatives of various populations, social leaders and officials in areas that are relevant to the conference participants.



Conference Outcomes

This unique approach enables the participants of the conferences and symposiums produced by SparkPro an exposure to Israel on all its social, religious, educational, political and business aspects, from a relevant point of view to their practice or activity areas, to understand the essence of Israel’s existence as a democracy and to see it from a different perspective, which is not featured in the world media.



Do you have the Spark?

The conferences produced by Spark of Change of SparkPro group are designed for groups with an agenda or common ground; social, religious or professional, and to governmental bodies and organizations that are interested to hold a unique conference or symposium in Israel.


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