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SparkPro website, an Israeli social-business organization on international scale, working to create social educational networks between groups of young people all over the world

Study Visits in Israel

Study Visits in Israel


The Program for Multi-cultural Tourism


Spark Tours plus is a unique program that offers groups from all over the world fascinating learning tours in different countries, customized to the interest areas of the group’s participants. The program emphasizes unmediated acquaintance with the local culture and society, as well as creating mutual cultural, social and religious connections.


Study Visits in Israel – Goals

SparkPro organization with its vast experience in creating social-educational connections between groups worldwide, views the unmediated connection created between the participants as the key to create a multi-cultural dialog based on personal acquaintance instead of prejudices. Through the multi-cultural learning tours of Study Visits in Israel, which take place in Israel and in other countries, groups of participants from all over the world, with common denominator; social, professional or religious, get to know other cultures from a different angle, are exposed to educational and social work methods and ideas, which can be multiplied and applied in their community

The Tour Plan

 Study Visits in Israel offers a social experience, customized to the content world of the participants. The program combines tours of sites that are relevant to the interest areas of the group members with personal encounters with groups and officials in related areas

Program Outcomes

During Study Visits in Israel the participants are exposed to Israel’s wide cultural mix, which includes a variety of religions, sectors, ethnic groups and opinions and create inter-cultural dialog. This dialog helps them to get free of prejudices and to create new entrepreneurships and communication channels for professional and social change

Do you have the Spark? If you represent a group with a common denominator; social, religious or professional/occupational, and are interested to expand your horizons through an experiential-learning tour in Israel or in any other country, customized to your content world, Study Visits in Israel has the program for you!

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