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SparkPro website, an Israeli social-business organization on international scale, working to create social educational networks between groups of young people all over the world

Living Bridge

Living Bridge


The program for Multi-cultural Dialog


Live Spark is a unique program in Israel, operating to create a multi-cultural dialog between young Israelis and young people from other countries. Live Spark program has tight collaboration with social, governmental and academic organizations worldwide, and had already introduced dozens of groups of young people from various countries and led to creating cross-borders cultural, social and business connections and bridges.



Live Spark – Goals

Live Spark was created to encourage a multi-cultural dialog between groups of young people all over the world through an intensive by-weekly seminar, in which 10 young people from each country participate. The program works to create young leadership, to strengthen the ties between nations and to develop joint projects that lead to real social change and can be duplicated and distributed among other groups and communities.


Activity Plan


Group Dynamics

Integration among the participants, personal acquaintance and consolidation of the connections, as a basis for developing understanding and mutual trust


Sharing Knowledge

Acquire extensive and varied social and cultural knowledge about the home countries of the program’s participants, exchange of views and discussions on relevant issues


Dealing with Stereotypes

Flooding and analysis of prejudices and change in perception and attitudes towards the other through honest and open dialog aimed to clarify facts and reduce concerns


Social Project

Formulating leadership groups that initiate and operate a joint project


Shared Experiences

Educational and in-depth field tours to experience the host country’s culture firsthand and joint recreation at leisure


Developing a trusting relationships
Change creating bilaterally project
Structuring long-term connection

Program Outcomes

The unique activity model of Live Spark, the tight ties and the deep trusting relationships created between the program’s participants are solid platform for creating collaborations between the young people who enjoy a wide international social network. From here on, the path to promoting international and long-term social, business and educational enterprises between the groups of young people is shorter than ever.



Do you have the Spark?

Live Spark program is designed for young people, groups and organizations that meet the following criteria:



Youth and Students

Quality people aged 21-35, interested in social engagement and/or acting within an organization or association, who wish:

  • To be part of an extraordinary social experience
  • To expand their knowledge in various multi-cultural topics
  • To create their own worldwide social circle
  • To share their knowledge with the entire group
  • To contribute to the Israeli public diplomacy


Organizations and Institutes

Business entities, social, academic and governmental bodies with the logistic capability for hosting a group of 20 young intellectuals for an entire week, who are interested to open for their people a window to the international social field, to enrich their world and to encourage a change creating leadership.



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