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Holy Land Panorama

The Holy Land Spark


Tourist Program in the Holy Land for Pilgrims

Tens of thousands of pilgrims come to Israel every year, visiting the holy places and attending the public masses held in Bethlehem and Nazareth. Now there is a unique tour program for those pilgrims: Holy Land Panorama – a program that offers pilgrims from all over the world a fascinating educational journey in the Holy Land’s religious sites. This program combines an authentic familiarity with the values of Israeli culture and society and encourages religious, cultural and community networking.

Holy Land Panorama – Goals

SparkPro organization with its extensive experience in making social-educational connections between groups around the world, offers groups of pilgrims who want to visit the Holy Land a unique tour program: Holy Land Panorama. The program provides, in addition to the touristy visits of the holy sites, a rare view of the norms and values that drive the Israeli society on all its sectors: Jews, Christians, Druze, Circassia’s and Arabs – a dimension that pilgrims are never exposed to.

The Tour Plan

Holy Land Panorama is a touristy-religious-cultural experience, customized to the content world of the participants. During the journey, there are touristy tours in religious and heritage sites included in the travels of Jesus in the Holy Land, and in sites mentioned in the New Testament. In addition, the Pilgrims participate in a serious of unmediated encounters representing the Israeli culture from a different angle, authentic and surprising, and featuring Israel’s wide and colorful cultural mix, including various religious, ethnic groups, opinions and sectors.

Program Outcomes

During the Holy Land Panorama tours, the participants take active part in inter-cultural and inter-religions fascinating dialog, based on personal acquaintance rather than prejudges. The participants are engaged with norms and values, such as religious tolerance, respect for each other, attitude towards ethnic minorities, as well as learning social and educational concepts that relate to their world and can be applied in their home community.

?Do you have the Spark

Interested in going on a rare Pilgrim Tour with religious, social and cultural added values? Spark Panorama has the program for you!

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